We offer small business start up consulting services that enables entrepreneurs to work with our business experts as we build key foundational business structures or products for you. This strengthens your business from the start and less assumptions are made for your business. At ELOCINA, we have the knowledge required for the specific task and we're ready to help you start your small business.

Whether you are looking for consulting services to help you start, allowing us to create a powerful business or strategic plan, or seeking our assistance in helping you build your personal or business credit, we are here to assist you along the way.


I'm Tawonda Burks

Since 2012, I've owned and operated ELOCINA, LLC, a Minnesota-based corporation that provides consulting services to aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.

My talent for translating ideas into action is also evident in my work. I hold the following degrees: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Master of Business Administration and currently pursuing my doctoral degree in Educational Leadership.

I have several aspirations that include continuous learning, teaching and researching through education, peers and experiences. I seeks to advance my expertise by applying cutting-edge research, innovation, and enhance my entrepreneurial spirit alongside other small business owners.

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My Story

I understand what it feels like to be frustrated and helpless. I challenge myself often to reach the unreachable and remove barriers for myself and others to reach goals. Understanding that access to resources can be challenging, my goal has remained the same since starting my business: help remove barriers, provide education and resources to individuals, specifically for people of color.

I worked hard to become the person I am today to help bridge gaps, eliminate disparities, create systems and processes to help others along their journey. I have helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs start their journey, helped individuals reach homeownership and lastly, reach financial freedom through financial literacy. My first priority is to always educate! 

"Thank you so much to Tawonda, owner of ELOCINA Business Consulting & Education, for teaching this class on how to start a business and tailoring it towards those who have been incarcerated and the challenges they face. It was an interactive experience with a lot of class participation."

- L. Sutter

"I would 100% recommend this company! Very trustworthy and got the job done! I seen results within the first 30-45 days and their communication through the entire process was amazing!it’s been a relief working with this company! My credit is almost in the 750s thanks to them! I do not regret this decision only wish i found them sooner. Thank you again for the commitment in fixing my credit! Cannot wait to refer my family and friends!!"

- M. Andrews

"A million thank yous for your quality service! It doesn't matter what your situation is Elocina is willing to go above and beyond for all of their clients. Super knowledgeable and professional!"

- C. Hemstreet

Why I Do It

If I don't, who will? I do what I do for so many reasons. Access to resources and education should not be a privilege. Therefore, I help others gain access to the education and resources needed to become successful and reach their goals. Financial literacy is not a term many individuals ever heard growing up. While parents did their best to provide for their family, many of them lived paycheck to paycheck most of their lives. Seeing others struggle inspired me to aim higher to help those in need. 


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